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The Ultimate VLC Player Tricks, Tweaks & Tips.

Ultimate trick & hacks guide for VLC Player that makes you go from "VLC player? Meh..." to "VLC player? WoW!"


Run Ubuntu/Any OS on Windows Virtually Without Extra Virtualization Software

Here's a simple guide to install/run Ubuntu or any other OS on Windows without any extra tools and with zero hassle

[Guide] How to Get Maximum Performance from your Windows PC (and make a gaming beast)

In this all-in-one guide, I'll unfold all the aspects there are to extract every bit of performance your PC has to offer and thus unlock it's true potential without spending a dime on extra hardware. Be it for gaming or multimedia entertainment or a performance hungry software suite, get ready to make a performance beast out of your PC.

[Trick]Pause/Resume ANY Task in Windows.

Ever got frustrated by a Windows task that you couldn't pause nor terminate because it was too important? Not anymore. Here's a neat trick that allows you pause encoding on Handbrake or ANY other(equally frustrating) task on Windows.

Here’s the best light-weight document/comic book reader for Windows (with Download links)

The best and simplest document / comic book reader for Windows. This app is Fast, Light on resources...

[Guide] Get your permanently deleted files back !

Lost your personal photos, videos or other files to a mishap ? Worried about about getting it back ? With this mini guide, we'll help you to get back your lost files for good. Note : This method works for... Continue Reading →

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