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Here are The Best Dark Themes for Windows 10.

[Guide] How to Get Maximum Performance from your Windows PC (and make a gaming beast)

In this all-in-one guide, I'll unfold all the aspects there are to extract every bit of performance your PC has to offer and thus unlock it's true potential without spending a dime on extra hardware. Be it for gaming or multimedia entertainment or a performance hungry software suite, get ready to make a performance beast out of your PC.

[Trick]Pause/Resume ANY Task in Windows.

Ever got frustrated by a Windows task that you couldn't pause nor terminate because it was too important? Not anymore. Here's a neat trick that allows you pause encoding on Handbrake or ANY other(equally frustrating) task on Windows.

Here’s the best light-weight document/comic book reader for Windows (with Download links)

The best and simplest document / comic book reader for Windows. This app is Fast, Light on resources...

4 Awesome MiUI 8 Features That You Should Know(and try right now)

MiUI is continually evolving with new, exiting features and enhancements. MiUI 8 has come with lots of new features, under-the-hood changes and minor cosmetic surgery. But, here are the top 4 new features that you should get excited about and try right now.

[Guide] How to Upgrade/Update your Mi Phone to MIUI 8 from Custom ROM Directly

So, the wait is finally over. MIUI 8 Global beta is here. Here's how you can update your Mi 4i running on custom rom to MIUI 8 (beta) easily.

[Tip] Disable “This build will expire soon” reminder in Windows 10.

If you love checking out new features and updates to Microsoft's latest OS : Windows 10, I'm sure you're using one of the Insider Preview builds. This also means that your enjoyment is for limited time and the build will... Continue Reading →

Tweak and Enhance Opera browser

Opera is a modern browser that is on par with other popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Though it's mobile version is very popular unfortunately, desktop version is underrated. Opera was overhauled recently with a simple and elegant Interface and a... Continue Reading →

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