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Windows 8.1

Run Ubuntu/Any OS on Windows Virtually Without Extra Virtualization Software

Here's a simple guide to install/run Ubuntu or any other OS on Windows without any extra tools and with zero hassle


[Guide] How to Get Maximum Performance from your Windows PC (and make a gaming beast)

In this all-in-one guide, I'll unfold all the aspects there are to extract every bit of performance your PC has to offer and thus unlock it's true potential without spending a dime on extra hardware. Be it for gaming or multimedia entertainment or a performance hungry software suite, get ready to make a performance beast out of your PC.

Tweak and Enhance Opera browser

Opera is a modern browser that is on par with other popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Though it's mobile version is very popular unfortunately, desktop version is underrated. Opera was overhauled recently with a simple and elegant Interface and a... Continue Reading →

[Guide] Get your permanently deleted files back !

Lost your personal photos, videos or other files to a mishap ? Worried about about getting it back ? With this mini guide, we'll help you to get back your lost files for good. Note : This method works for... Continue Reading →

[Updated][Trick][How to] Get rid of annoying Ads on uTorrent

Many of us are familiar with the BitTorrent system or in general, Torrents. uTorrent is one of the most popular BitTorrent clients which is being actively used by millions of people all over the globe. The only disadvantage of uTorrent... Continue Reading →

[Tip] Keep your PC healthy with these simple steps

We all use Laptops,PCs in our day-to-day life. In many ways. But unlike humans, they cannot take care of themselves entirely on their own. So as we use them to our needs, we also need to take care of them... Continue Reading →

How to browse/share files between multiple laptops wirelessly?

  We constantly keep sharing and exchanging our files with our friends, colleagues. While there a hundreds of apps designed for this specific purpose on phone, Laptops lack such abundance of applications for the same. Some applications have been developed... Continue Reading →

Make your Windows Login more secure

Majority of us use Windows as our primary OS in Schools, Offices ; be it PC or Laptop. This also means that we use the same beloved Windows for browsing web unless you are from a rare species of people... Continue Reading →

[Exclusive] How to Upgrade/Install Windows without External USB drive or DVD ?

What ? Installing Windows without USB drive or DVD ? That's crazy !Yes, it sounds crazy but, it's possible. Here's how you do it : 1. Boot the OS which you want to Upgrade/Replace.For example, if you have a dual-boot system... Continue Reading →

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