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ProTip: Disable Any System App on Android without Losing its Updates & Data

If you're one of those folks who like have absolute control over your phone and dislike the unnecessary pre-installed apps, you're already familiar with system apps. You also know that since they're System apps, there's nothing much we can do... Continue Reading →


A simple hack to improve your phone’s low-light photography 

Here's a clever trick to improve your phone's camera performance in low-light conditions!

[Exclusive] Install MIUI Developer ROM on Xiaomi phone without PC(no fastboot)

Okay, you already know that most of the Xiaomi phones recently got the Nougat support after much hype and rumours. Although it's almost a year now since the Nougat was officially launched, its good thing that Xiaomi is finally updating... Continue Reading →

[Exclusive|No Root|No App] Force Enable/Disable ‘DOZE’

Here's how can force enable the DOZE on Android 6.0 or above without any app or root access!

The Ultimate VLC Player Tricks, Tweaks & Tips.

Ultimate trick & hacks guide for VLC Player that makes you go from "VLC player? Meh..." to "VLC player? WoW!"

[Guide] How to Get Maximum Performance from your Windows PC (and make a gaming beast)

In this all-in-one guide, I'll unfold all the aspects there are to extract every bit of performance your PC has to offer and thus unlock it's true potential without spending a dime on extra hardware. Be it for gaming or multimedia entertainment or a performance hungry software suite, get ready to make a performance beast out of your PC.

[Trick]Pause/Resume ANY Task in Windows.

Ever got frustrated by a Windows task that you couldn't pause nor terminate because it was too important? Not anymore. Here's a neat trick that allows you pause encoding on Handbrake or ANY other(equally frustrating) task on Windows.

[Trick][Split Screen][Unofficial] Play these popular PC games with your friend on a Single PC !!

Wish to play your favourite game with your friends but don’t have LAN ? Have a PC but want to enjoy the games in split screen mode with your friends, like you do on Xbox 360 or PS3? Well, here’s... Continue Reading →

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