Update 15/09: Samsung has now essentially confirmed our leak with their media invite for the launch of this phone. Accordingly, the phone is likely time launch on October 11 at this event.

Smartphones real estate today is quite different than what it used to be few years back. We’ve seen a lot of innovation in terms of packing as much as features possible into something that can be held on a palm. Just when we thought camera technology was staggered on phones, we witnessed the advent of dual cameras and not long after that, it had become the industry defacto with virtually every new phone launching with dual camera setup, be it for actual differentiation or marketing voodoo.

Just as we began to accept the dual cameras as the norm, Huawei surprised (a welcome one at that) with three rear cameras on P20 Pro, which is currently one of the best camera phones on the market. The three camera setup with an effective 10MP resolution(The main camera sensor uses a Quad Bayer structure with a total pixel count of 40Mp. It outputs data binned in 2 × 2 pixel units, resulting in 10Mp image output)
turned out be quite good & not just another marketing gimmick, with an impressive DxOMark score of 109.

So we started with no cameras in the phone (the pre smartphone era) and have come all the way upto 3 cameras on the rear side.

So what’s next? The obvious answer seems to be – slap on one more sensor( & repeat?). We also saw recently the rumours of some Penta Lens camera phone being in works by Nokia. As it turns out, it’s just Huawei & Nokia have been upping their camera game. According a very reliable source familiar with the matters, Samsung is apparently working on smartphones with three & four rear cameras. The source also tells me that these is likely a are mid range phones with the newer SD710(presumably) SoC or Exynos equivalent.

Further, the four camera will feature a Telephoto+ Wide( regular aperture like f/1.7 or f/1.8) + Ultra wide + Depth sensors setup. The placement is a vertical setup as seen on iPhone X except that instead of a two cameras, we’ll see 4.

As far as the leak goes, that’s all the info I’ve got as it’s a test unit under development. There’s no info about the physical appearance of the phone as the test units are usually camaflouged. The form factor is similar to the A8 Plus.

Update 12/09: These phones are A7 (Model code: SM-A750NF) & A9 (2019). A7 will launch in India with triple rear camera and a fingerprint scanner on the side while A9 will launch in China with quad camera setup.

Update 18/09:

A retailer has leaked the images of Galaxy A7 (2018) (Source). So we finally have the full confirmation for the leak.

A7 (2018) rear side flaunts a triple camera setup

And a fingerprint scanner on the side as leaked by WinDroidWiz earlier

My take:

If this phone hits the market, it’d be quite a surprise to be sure because( keeping aside the innovation itself) it’s supposed to be a Samsung mid range phone. Quite strange to say the least because Samsung as we all know brings the best of its tech on its flagships first (for example the dual aperture camera, infinity display).

Update: All the details have now been confirmed, so that should tell a lot about reliability 😉

As far as the reliability of this goes, I’ll say this: the source is very reliable & they closely work on the camera tech specifically. I have had some insightful discussions previously(for years now) on upcoming phones with slight hints which turned out true every time. But as there was no ground breaking revelations so far (mostly they were limited to codenames or device specific features) I never felt a need to share the news. And leaks are something I never imagined doing on this blog myself but this time, it’s different & compelling enough to share with like minded fellas.

P.S: I’ll update this article if learn anything new about this mysterious phone.

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