Excuse me, the best Pixel what? Isn’t there supposed to be ONE Pixel Launcher?

I know right? But with increasing popularity of Pixel launcher ever since its inception as a lineage of Google Now launcher, the number of its ports(a modified/tweaked version) are also increasing.

Not long ago, I shared the news about a fully featured Pixel launcher port that could run on any phone without requiring root to enable all Google goodness.

Following on the similar footsteps, we have yet another Pixel launcher port but don’t go “Meh..” yet. Yet another developer has ported the fully functional Pixel launcher with additional awesome customisation options. I say that because, let’s face it – Pixel launcher offered virtually zero customisation. The new avatar of Pixel launcher is named Lawnchair(yes, pun intended). It offers all the features that Pixel launcher did plus some extra useful tweaks that every launcher should have.

If you’re reading this article, it means that you already know everything about looks of Pixel launcher and the same holds true for the Lawnchair too (for the most parts). So, I’ve just included screen shots of the customisation that Lawnchair offers over it’s counterpart-



Now if you think that’s cool and want to try Lawnchair, go and download the app(this is the only trusted source to get Lawnchair as of now).

 Update: App is also available on Playstore now.