Do you use your Phone/PC the most at night ? Tired of white display flashing at your eyes even with brightness kept at possible minimum? You may even have got used to it but it does its damage to your eye sight gradually, even though you may not be knowing. (May be this is why we see most of the geeks, IT guys wearing spectacles 😐 no offense !)

With the help of this tutorial, you can help protect your eyes at night against the display of both PC and your Phone.

UPDATE : I’ve replaced the apps given heret with their better alternatives. I’ll not dwelve too much into how to use them as they are very simple to use. Still, if you get confused about how it works/how to use it, drop a comment below and your query will be resolved immediately.

Let’s get into action :

For Phone

UPDATE :  Install Night Mode. It’s simple to use, allows scheduling the filter and has nice UI. It also displays a much useful 

1 . Download and install an app called Screen Dimmer from PlayStore

2. Launch the app (when you are in a dark surrounding i.e usually at night).

3. Tap Start at the bottom and adjust the filter opacity using sliding bar at the top (keep it at 60% to begin with)


4. Now close the app either by tapping Back or Home button on your phone. (Don’t tap the Stop button in app)

5. Enjoy the night without burdening your eyes !
The app will keep a notification in the top when it’s started. Use it to configure the opacity of filter as per your needs. For example, if you are reading an ebook or Browsing net or using Whatsapp, you can keep the opacity of filter as high as 70~80% as all these activities have a white background. For viewing images or videos, opacity should be lower than that.
Anyway, you should adjust it as per your convenience. See the image below for configuring filter’s opacity in the easiest way


6. You can stop this app in two ways : Either through notification icon (as in image above) or launching the app and tapping STOP at the bottom of app (see image below). You can also schedule starting and stopping the filter so that you don’t have trouble of doing it manually every night. To do this, go to the app and enable a Schedule. Now, set the Initial time (for starting the filter) and End time (to stop the filter).


From here onwards, filter will be automatically applied and removed at the set interval everyday.

Note : Although clearing this app from Recent apps list doesn’t stop it from running, it makes the app notification ineffective sometimes (probably a bug). So, it’s better not to clear it from Recent apps

That’s it. Now you can spend hours( I’m not saying you should ;)) on your phone at night without being harsh on your eyes :mrgreen:

If you also use your PC (Desktop/Laptop) at night, read ahead !

For PCs & Laptops

UPDATE Download ColorVeil (works with all versions of Windows) and run it. It’s very simple to use, tiny in size (just 0.1 MB) and provides easy configuration. There’s also a portable version available for download which doesn’t require any kind of installation and is about just 36 KB(probably the best piece of code I’ve ever used). It also provides options to turn on/off the filter by using your own keyboard shortcut, customizing the color of filter, auto-running on Windows start-up and best yet, it is very light on resources(RAM and CPU utilization doesn’t exceed 1% !!)

ColorVeil Screenshot


1. Download Dimmer from here

( Just 14 KB !!!)

2. Best thing about this software is that it doesn’t require any kind of installation. So, just extract the downloaded zip to any folder on your HD.

3. Right click a file called Dimmer inside the folder where you just extracted zip and select Pin to Taskbar. This will pin Dimmer to the taskbar.


4. Whenever you want to dim your PC’s screen below the minimum brightness, click Dimmer’s icon in Taskbar. Your screen will be dimmed immediately and you’ll see a Tray icon of dimmer .


5. To adjust the level of dimming, right click the Dimmer’s tray icon and select Configure. It’ll show a small configuration window.
Use the slider to adjust Opacity of filter.
(Higher value » Darker screen).
Click OK after adjusting the level.



6. To exit dimmer, right click its icon in System tray and select Close.


Another good thing about the Dimmer is that it doesn’t darken the taskbar and the mouse pionter. So you can easily see it’s icon, time & date, battery level (on laptops) etc. even if the rest of the screen is almost black. See the sample screenshots below to see its effect at 50% & 60% opacity.

Note : Unfortunately, Dimmer doesn’t work on Metro (Modern) apps on Windows 8/ Windows 8.1 as it’s still in version 1.0.
I hope the developer fixes this in its future versions.


Now its time to enjoy using your PC at night like a real night owl !!

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Copyrights :

© Screen dimmer for Android by Sebastien Morand

© Dimmer for Windows by Nelson Pires