Google’s upcoming major Android release- Android O is around the corner. It’s developer previews already being tested. Android O said to bring some new functionality improvements (as usual).

Android O

So, here’s a comprehensive post to cover all the news, FAQs and about Android O on Moto G5, Moto G5 Plus.

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  • Will Moto G5, Moto G5 Plus recieve Android O update?

If you’re a Moto G5/Moto G5 Plus owner, you must be wondering if/when Android O will land on your device. So, let’s clear it out the way first; Moto G5 & G5 plus will recieve Android O update. 

Are you sure?”, you may ask. So, I’ll tell you why I am. Motorola is known for its timely software updates. Most of its flagship phones receive 2 major Android updates and mid-range phones like G series receive one major upgrade at least. This fact alone is sometimes the sole reason why some people choose Moto phones despite other drawbacks. Keeping this in mind and considering the fact that G5 and G5 Plus run Nougat out-of-the-box, it’s a no brainer that both the devices will be upgraded to the latest Android O, sooner or later.

  • [ETA] When and how will I get the Android O update?

As mentioned earlier, Android O is still under development with only developer previews available for now (for Nexus and Pixel phones).

But the geek inside me couldn’t resist. So, I did some research & looked at past 4 years Motorola’s​ track record with Android updates. I don’t think has done this before so you might be seeing this for the first time here.

Motorola Software Android Update History, Track record, ETA
Motorola’s track record of Android update for Moto G series

I also noticed that Motorola usually announces its upgrade plans about a month later from the official launch of newest version Android via its blog. About a month or two later from the announcement, it finally begins to roll out the update.
Put all this together, it would be safe to say that there’s a 3 months window between the official release of Android O(avg. delay from above data is 2.7 Months)and its actual roll-out to your phone. But, wait, there’s more. If look at the last Android upgrade (Nougat), Motorola took almost 4 months to roll it out to G4 and G4 Plus. That’s the longest gap in its update history. Also, considering our device of interest(G5 plus), Motorola released a much-needed software patch in India about 2½ months later than it was released in Brazil. Though it’s understood that development & testing time of new software varies by countries/regions/carriers, these two events have raised concerns among many Motorola fans about its commitment to timely software updates (what are you doing Lenovo?). But, now Motorola has become more serious about its brand and its infamous software updates are definitely something that adds value to their brand image. Also, thanks to Project Treble, things might finally catch up. Motorola may even update the phones to 7.1 before t Android O comes along .happens.Let’s hope that Motorola will uphold it’s legacy.

TL;DR : If Google releases Android O in August(like it did with Nougat last time), you’ll most likely recieve the update in mid November/December. But if the release happens sometime around September, then you might have to wait until January of next year considering worst-case scenario.

Android O custom ROMs for Moto G5 Plus.

Since a stable version of Android O hasn’t been officially released, there are no custom ROMs based on Android O for Moto G5 Plus yet. However, Moto G5 Plus has got a great developer support, which means once the Android O lands on the device, you’ll be able to run some awesome Android O based custom ROMs on G5 Plus in no time.

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This will be the one stop place(besides XDA, of course) to look for the best Android O custom ROMs for Moto G5 Plus. This list will updated as soon as a new, good custom ROM is available for Moto G5 Plus. So keep an eye on this space for latest info on custom ROMs.


P.S : I am NOT a Motorola employee. I’m just an Android enthusiast like you. I took long time do some research online and have shared my findings here. All the details, estimations given so far are based on my research and is not endorsed by Motorola LLC., in any way.

Are you excited for Android O? What do you think ‘O’ stands for? What’s your guess about the Android O roll-out? Share your thoughts through comment section below.