If you own a Motorola Moto G5 plus, then you must be much annoyed and equally frustrated due to the background noise the creeps in everywhere, be it video recording, audio recording or even phone calls.
Unfortunately, there was no solution to fix this, only until now. Yes! Motorola has finally released a software patch to fix the said issue among other things, after a lot of complaints on it’s forums. It’s changelog clearly mentions this:


This update introduces changes including the following:

  • Improved audio in video capture: We have introduced changes that improve the audio recorded during video capture with the smartphone’s camera.
  • Data traffic improvements: We have introduced changes that improve the data traffic of the smartphone.
  • Stability improvements: Includes changes that fix bugs and improve the stability of your phone

So, by now, you must be knowing where I’m going with this. And yes, you guessed it right! Just download this patch and update your device to solve the audio noise issue for good.

IMPORTANT Note : The update size is about 215 MB. This is an official update and won’t harm your device in any way. No apps or data will be lost after the update.

For a successful installation, I recommend installing this update when your phone’s battery is at least 50% charged.

Just turn on data connection and check your notifications to see if there is a notification about the update and if there is, tap it and go ahead.

If you don’t see any notification, go to your phone’s Settings > About phone (at the bottom of settings) and tap System updates while keeping data connection active. Info about the update will be displayed after few seconds. Tap ‘YES, I’M IN’. Next, download the update over Wi-Fi or mobile data, whichever is convenient to you.

Once the update is downloaded, tap INSTALL.

Installation takes 20 minutes approximately and the phone will automatically reboot after successfull installation. Congrats!

Final remarks : I’ve tested the update and here are my observations:

  • Audio noise during video normal recording through camera is much reduced after the update, although it’s not completely gone. There’s still, some kind of ambient noise(unavoidable maybe?) when you’re shooting far away objects and thus the source of the sound, too, far away from phone. However, there’s no noise as such when the source of the sound is nearby the phone. Also, the weird beep sounds are now gone.
  • Noise(humming) heard by your callers/recipients is also, no more. This becomes obvious, if you consider the fact that whatever they hear comes from the mic on your phone.
  • Noise in audio recording is also no more. I tested recording audio with same app before and after the update and I could listen the difference.

Test Video Samples :

    CONCLUSION : This update is definitely recommended from my side. Although, this doesn’t make your phone completely free from noise, there’s significant improvement in the audio quality everywhere which you’ll appreciate.

    Footnotes : Release notes

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