If you use your PC regularly for viewing documents such as PDFs, ePubs etc. , here’s the light-weight and efficient tool for that. Say good bye to resource-hogging applications like Adobe Reader. The app I’m going to brag about is SumatraPDF. Despite of what the name may suggest, it can do much more than PDF. Yes, it supports almost all kinds of documents like PDF, ePub, mobi, DJvu, xps,chm and comic book formats – cbz & cbr.

SumatraPDF Home view
Homepage on SumatraPDF

The best thing about this piece of software is it’s simplicity. SumatraPDF is very simple to use and best yet, light on PC’s resources. To understand what I am saying, look at the following screenshot; the application consumes merely 25mb even with 5 open files.

Sumatrapdf memory usage
Amazingly light on resources

Adobe reader, on the other hand, may consume more than that even when it’s not running (for it’s “Adobe updater” ). SumatraPDF also supports tabbed view just like any modern web-browser meaning you won’t have to stumble between windows when you’re working with multiple files. 

Sumatrapdf Tabs
Tabs in SumatraPDF

Apart from all these, there are other useful features like quickly accessing the recent files, going full screen or to a presentation view, quickly searching text within documents, add page bookmarks etc. There are plenty of keyboard shortcuts too. So to susummarize, SumatraPDF is –

  • Fast
  • Simple & light on resources
  • Powerful
  • Versatile

Another great thing about SumatraPDF is that it is portable. You don’t necessarily have to install it(installer is available though) and you can have it on a thumb drive on the go. With all that said, you should keep in mind that SumatraPDF is just a document reader and not an editor. You can not edit documents using this app. If this concerns you, you should stick with the professional document editors. But, if you need the best tool just to read anything, then this is the one. 
Happy Reading!

Links : 

Download SumatraPDF(download 64 bit version if you have 64 bit Windows)

Keyboard shortcuts & other info.