MiUI is continually evolving with new, exiting features and enhancements. Its latest avatar, MIUI 8 is available as public beta, and is buzzing MiUI fans with its new looks and features. If you haven’t yet updated your phone yet, I suggest you update it now and explore MiUI 8.

MiUI 8 has come with lots of new features, under-the-hood changes and cosmetic surgery. But, here are the top 4 new features that you should get excited about and try right now (if you haven’t already) –

Dual apps : This is one of the new awesome features of MiUI and my personal favorite. But the name is bit deceiving for it doesn’t, as you may tend to think, let you multitask two apps simultaneously with split screen. Instead, it does something even better. You can now have two completely different profiles of same app on your phone. Yes, you read that right! You can now clone apps. For example, you can have two WhatsApp accounts running on the same phone without any hassle. To clone an app, head over to Dual apps in Settings and choose which apps you wish to have a dual of.

Setting up Dual apps

 A shortcut will be created in the Home screen for the dual app immediately and is distinguished by a dual-symbol on its icon.

WhatsApp duals : ” What’s up bro? “

 You can start using the dual apps by tapping on their respective icons. Dual apps are completely independent of each other so you can safely uninstall one without worrying about the other, if you ever need to do so. 

Quick ball
: This aptly named feature, when enabled, a floating ball appears on the screen. This ball let’s you launch shortcuts/actions anywhere, anytime just with a swipe or tap. Unfortunately, I can’t provide a screenshot of this feature live in action. Nonetheless, see it for yourself once enabled. To enable it, go to Settings > Additional settings > Quick ball.

Setting up Quick ball

Quick ball lets you to assign 5 shortcuts including navigational keys, setting shortcuts and apps. You can also set it to be automatically hidden in any app you choose.( And no, it doesn’t let you catch Pokémons… sadly )

Battery saver (Hidden) : MiUI has a lot of battery management features. But did you know that there’s hidden battery saver feature in MiUI 8?. It’s hidden probably because it’s still under development. Nevertheless, here’s how you can enable it :

  • Open Settings app.
  • Search for battery the Settings using search bar at the top.
  • Tap on Battery Saver from the results (highlighted in the following screenshot)
    Aha ! A hidden gem.

    Now, you can enable/disable the battery saver manually. 

    More importantly, you can also add battery profiles (in Battery settings). 

    Tweaking battery profiles

    These profiles will be activated when the chosen apps are running. This gives you manual control to balance battery life and performance of the phone. This feature comes in handy if feel like your phone’s battery is draining quickly or certain games are lagging.

    Scrolling screenshot : Ever came across the situation where you wanted to screenshot and share something interesting but you didn’t because you were too lazy to take multiple screenshots and edit them? (✋) Well, not anymore. MiUI 8 has introduced the concept of scrolling screenshots for the first time. Just take a screenshot at the top of any scrollable content in any app and before the screenshot vanishes, tap it and then tap the Scroll option at the bottom as shown in the following screenshot of a screenshot(screenception if you may)

    Scrolling screenshot: Just an example (do not judge me)

    It’ll  automatically scroll(if not, you can do it yourself) the content and take a moment to have a jumbo screenshot ready to be edited and shared. In the above example, I can share the list of all my songs in a single screenshot. Isn’t that cool ?

    That’s all folks. These are the few among many perks of having MiUI 8 on your side. Which one is your favorite feature? Do you think any other feature should be on this list? Comment box is waiting for you. Let us know your thoughts.