If you love checking out new features and updates to Microsoft’s latest OS : Windows 10, I’m sure you’re using one of the Insider Preview builds. This also means that your enjoyment is for limited time and the build will expire after certain date at which point, Windows will keep restarting for every hour or so if you don’t update the build. Windows will keep reminding of this fact as the expiration date nears with with dialog saying –

This build of Windows will expire soon.

Screenshot (1)

Well, it’s good to know once and be reminded rarely. But, it becomes an annoyance when it obstructs your work. Unfortunately, Windows 10 doesn’t provide you an option to change the frequency of reminder, let alone disable it. So, here a little trick to do the job and get rid of this annoying reminder –
Just change your system’s date few months back. That should do it. But, if you don’t want to do that here’s one more way :

  1.  Head to C:\Windows\System32  in File explorer.
  2. Look for a file named  LicensingUI.exe
  3. Take the ownership of the file. ( Right click > Properties > Advanced > Owner ). Make sure you have all the necessary permissions to modify the file.
  4. Now, simply rename the file to anything you want.

That’s all! It’s as simple as that. You’ll not get reminder anymore because that is the programme responsible for the reminder and now since you’ve changed its name, Windows will not be able to launch it.

Hope this helped you.

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