Got tired of same old login background that you see everytime your PC boots? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an option to change the login background of windows just like the desktop background? Sadly, Windows doesn’t have such an option. However, with the help of this tutorial, you can change the login background to any image you want. Follow the procedure depending on the version of Windows your PC has :

Windows 10 :

Windows 10, by default has ‘Hero’ wallpaper as background image. If you don’t like it or if you want your own image as login screen’s background, here’s how you do it. First, download a tiny software called ‘Windows 10 BG Changer’(less than 3MB). You will get a zip file. You need not install anything. Just open the downloaded file with any archiving software like WinRAR or even File explorer does the job. Now, extract/copy the folder named ‘GUI’ inside it to anywhere you like. You you like to keep changing background frequently, then I suggest you to keep that folder somewhere safe because you’ll need it everytime you change the background. Once the folder is extracted, go to the folder and inside it you’ll see many files as shown in screenshot below. Run the application( W10 Logon BG Changer)(shown below).

Running the application

Rest is easy. Just follow the instructions on application to change the background image or color of the login screen background.

Customize the Windows 10 background

Once you’re satisfied with your choice of image, click ‘Apply changes’. If are curious or want to test how the image looks on login screen, lock Windows by pressing Windows Key+L combination and you’ll immediately land in login screen. You can change the login background anytime by launching the same application from that folder and following the same procedure.
If you like customising very much and want to change the background frequently, then create a shortcut of that application on your desktop by right-clicking ‘Windows 10 BG Changer’ and Send to > Desktop (Create shortcut). After this, you can launch the application directly by double-clicking it’s shortcut on the desktop.

If you are a Windows 7/8/8.1 user, then download ‘LogonChanger’(1.6 MB). It’s a tiny stand-allone software which means you need not install anything. You can directly run the application you downloaded.

Windows 8/8.1 :

Run the LogonChanger. Now click ‘Change Default Color Scheme’ button at the top. Then click ‘Change Background Color’ button and set the background color.

Set the custom background colour

You can also preview the login screen in the same window. After you set the color, press Windows + L to lock the PC and view the login screen if you want to see the new image in action. You can also revert to default color by following same steps given above and clicking ‘Revert to Default Colors’ button.
Note: You can also change the logon wallpaper and set a custom accent color using the same software.

Windows 7 :

Run the LogonChanger. Click on ‘Change Logon Screen’ button on the bottom left corner –

Customize Windows 7 login background

Now, select the image of your choice. If your image has size more than 254KB, following message will be displayed.


Click ‘Yes’. Thats all. If you can’t wait until next login to see the new login background, press Windows Key+L to lock your user account and you can see how well your image looks behind the login screen. If you want to change the image, just run application again and within few clicks, you’ll have a different login screen.

That’s all for now folks. I hope this makes booting up Windows bit more pleasant šŸ˜‰

Feel free to drop your queries/suggestions in the comments section below.
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