Lost your personal photos, videos or other files to a mishap ? Worried about about getting it back ? With this mini guide, we’ll help you to get back your lost files for good.

Note : This method works for any file you deleted permanently on Hard Disk/SD card/USB Drive provided that you take action asap. That’s because, it is most likely that your files are overwritten (meaning unrecoverable) when you copy/move other files to the same location. So, I cannot guarantee you 100% that you can recover all the files. But I can assure you that this is definitely more than worth trying.

Among numerous softwares made for this purpose, Recuva by Piriform stands out as a simple and efficient solution. We’ll use the same to demonstrate the file recovery process.
Before proceeding with the steps, Download Recuva and install it on your PC.

Step 1 : Connect your Flash drive/SD Card (from which files are to be recovered) to your PC.

Step 2 : Open Recuva on PC. (You should have it installed from link given earlier)

Step 3 : It’ll show ‘Recuva Wizard’ window first. Click Next.

Step 4 : Choose the category of files you want to Recover. For example, if lost a PDF file, select Documents category.
If you are not sure about the category of file/s, choose All files.
Click Next.


Step 5 : Now choose the location where your file/s were last present before deleting by clicking Browse.
If you had deleted the file/s from Recycle bin, there’s an option to choose that too. If you are looking for files on an external disk like USB Disk/SD card, choose second option. In case you are not sure about the location, choose I’m not sure (Search may take longer). Now click Next.


Step 6 : If you’re trying to recover files from a formatted USB Drive/SD Card, then tick Enable deep scan and then click Start.
Otherwise, just click Start.


Step 7 : Be patient !. Let Recuva do its job. It’ll show the approximate time remaining for scan to end. If you had selected Deep scan in previous step, scan will be much longer. So, just wait for it to finish.


Step 8: Once the scan is done, it’ll show all the files found matching your criteria.
Now, Switch to advanced mode(top right) .
You can now see some more properties of the files listed like State, Path (Location) etc.
If the files which you want to recover are in Excellent state, you can recover them easily without any problem. On other hand, if the status of file is Poor or Very poor or Unrecoverable , stop reading this guide here ! You cannot recover such files because other random files have taken their place (overwritten)

Recovering files

To recover multiple files-
a. You can either Tick the required files or Highlight them(hold down Ctrl button while Highlighting).
b. You can also highlight multiple files from same folder.(refer 2 in image below)
Once you have selected all the files of your choice, click Recover button at bottom-right corner.(refer the image below)


Step 9 : You’ll now be asked to choose a location for recovered files. Do not select the same location where your deleted files were originally(It’ll reduce the chance of having a successful recovery). If you do, you’ll get a warning (shown below). Click No and Select a different location.
Click OK.


Step 10 : Patience, again ! Recovery time will directly depend on size of files you selected.
When the recovery finishes, you’ll have the deleted files back in the location you chose in previous step !

P.S: If you are trying to get back files from a damaged/Reformatted disk, you’re better off with Scan for non-deleted filesoption enabled.
It’s under Actions tab in Recuva’s Options…. (See the image above step 9)

Hope this was useful 🙂

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