Wish to play your favourite game with your friends but don’t have LAN ? Have a PC but want to enjoy the games in split screen mode with your friends, like you do on Xbox 360 or PS3? Well, here’s the good news. Now you can play these 5 games(since the software is under development) in split screen mode with your friends.

  •   Borderlands 2
  •   Borderlands: The Pre Sequel
  •   Left 4 Dead
  •   Left 4 Dead 2
  •   Resident Evil 5 (Not the new Gold Edition)  

 Note: You need a keyboard and a mouse for 1stplayer and gamepad/controller for rest of the players. A gamepad is a must.

Also you need to Download SplitTool software developed by lukinhas95 and dartmaul.

Extract the downloaded zip to any folder. Open the application called Splittool inside the folder which you just extracted.

I will use Borderlands 2 as an example to explain the procedure (Other games can be played likewise.)

Step 1: Click on ADD GAME. A window opens up.

Step 2: Click on Browse…   

Step 3: Now another window pops open. Select the drive in which you have installed Borderlands 2 game and search for the borderlands2.exe in the same window (Search box is on the top right corner).

Step 4: Single click on borderlands2.exe to select the file and then select open as shown above.

Step 5: Now tick the empty white box as shown. In our example the path might be C:\Program Files\Borderlands2\Binaries\Win32\Borderlands2.exe.

Step 6: Click on ADD SELECTED.

Step 7: Depending on number of players who are going to play the game click on 2, 3 or 4. I would suggest 2 players if it’s Borderlands 2 because Splitscreen requires more powerful PC if there are more than 2 players. Left4dead and Left4dead 2can be played with up to 4 members by connecting to a TV. 

Step 8: This can be done in two ways depending upon how no. of displays you have:

1. Using a single monitor for both players.

For Example: Using only laptop/PC Monitor.

   Right click on the box mentioned as DISPLAY1.

     Select Player 1 >Horizontal>Half Top.

      Similarly right click and select Player 2>Horizontal>Half Bottom.

This configuration allows two players to play on the same display by splitting the display horizontally.

2. Using two different monitors for different players.

For Example: Player 1 on laptop screen and Player 2 on TV/2nd Monitor

Right click on DISPLAY1 and select Player 1> Fullscreen.
This configuration sets different displays for different player.  Hence allows you to exploit multiple displays.

Similarly right click on DISPLAY2. Select Player 2>Fullscreen.

Step 9: All done with configuring. Hit the Play Button and you are good to go !

I’ll take Borderlands 2 as example to show you how to configure your game.

1. This will displayed when you click play….

For Player 1 use ENTER to load the Title Screen.

For Player 2 use A button of your Gamepad to load the Title Screen.

Note: Do not use Keyboard to load title screen for both players. This will result in the keyboard controlling movements of both players.

2. Next Player 1 has to select LAN in Network Options.

3. Player 2 has to select Find Games and click on the other player’s Name.

4. Finally select New Game or Continue to start playing.

P.S : These games officially support split screen multiplayer  :

  •   GRID 2 2013
  •   GRID AutoSport 2014
  •   Blur 2010
  •   Serious Sam 3 2011
  •   Resident Evil 6

This tutorial was written by our dear friend ANM678
We welcome him with his debut article !

Problems? Feel free to comment.Will try to address it asap. Enjoy with your friends. He will also create a video tutorial on request.