We constantly keep sharing and exchanging our files with our friends, colleagues. While there a hundreds of apps designed for this specific purpose on phone, Laptops lack such abundance of applications for the same. Some applications have been developed for this purpose on PC’s platform and they are not that popular yet. We still rely on the traditional USB drive sharing. With the help of this article, you’ll be able to mutually share the files on your Laptops as well as browse them with ease without any external media like USB drive/SD card. If you are a longtime Windows User, you may have noticed an option called Homegroup in Windows. But, sadly such useful feature is also one of the most ignored features in Windows.
Follow steps given below to setup a Home group easily so that you can browse and share the files on multiple laptops at same time :
1. Create a WiFi hotspot on your laptop.
If you don’t how to create one , download any application like Wi-Host or mHotspot
It makes this task easy for you.
2. Once you create a hotspot (preferably with a password), connect all the laptops whose files you want to share mutually, to this hotspot by entering the password that you used to create it.
3. Type Homegroup in the Start and go to the ‘Homegroup’ option (Aliter: Go to Control Panel > Network & Internet > Homegroup )
Creating a Homegroup

4. Click on ‘Create homegroup’. If you don’t see this option, ‘Start the Homegroup troubleshooter’. It’ll identify and fix basic problems, if any.
5. Now, follow On-Screen instructions and choose what to share from your library (Music,Videos etc ).However, you can change them later also.
 Next, Windows will generate a Password. Note down that password.

6. Go to Homegroup (as in Step 3) on all other Laptops that you want to connect with. There you should see ‘Join now’ button.
Click on it and it’ll ask you the password. Now, enter the same password ( Case-sensitive ) on each of client Laptops.
7. Next,on each of them, choose what library items to share with other laptops. ( Can be changed later )
8. If you want to share a folder or entire drive, then go to that Folder/Drive Properties and under ‘Sharing’ tab, click on ‘Advanced Sharing’.
 Next tick ‘Shared’.You can change the Share name/letter in same window.
Sharing a drive/folder
Once this is done, that Drive/Folder can be browsed on other Laptops just like you browse your files on your laptop.
9. To browse/copy the files on all connected PCs, click ‘Network’ on side-panel of File Explorer (My computer).
Start browsing files from here
 It’ll show all connected PCs. You can browse the files/folders/drives they shared by double-clicking respective PC names.
That’s all. You can now copy/open files wirelessly among laptops. Once you set-up the Homegroup as above,all you need to do next time is to just start the hotspot and connect all other Laptops to the same hotspot. Then start browsing files as in Step 9. Easy as that ! You can play the movies, songs etc. residing on other Laptops without having to copy them to your PC ! (as long as you stay connected).
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