Majority of us use Windows as our primary OS in Schools, Offices ; be it PC or Laptop. This also means that we use the same beloved Windows for browsing web unless you are from a rare species of people who NEVER used/use their laptop for browsing 😛

Anyway, this makes your PC more susceptible to Internet Threats.Although there are Anti-Viruses which claim to safeguard your PC against any threats, that does not happen always because, new types of malwares emerge everyday. 
Some malwares can mimic the Login screen of Windows to gain access to your password and if they do succeed, Bingo ! The doorway to all your Personal files and info is wide open. This can be prevented by a simple measure using a hidden feature in Windows . Here’s what you need to do

1. Press Windows Key+R
2. Type netplwiz and Press Enter.
3. In the Window that opens next, go to Advanced Tab. (See image below)

netplwiz Window

4. Now, enable the option called ” Require Users to press Ctrl+Alt+Del ”  under ‘ Secure Sign-in’ category.

That’s all. From now on, you’ll be asked to press Ctrl+Alt+Del during every sign-in.
Some of you may find this irritating. So don’t bother to use this if you dont connect to Internet regularly on your PC/Laptop. However, if that’s not the case,I think you are better off with option enabled. Happy surfing !