Almost everyone of us has sought Google for answers to questions like “How to boost Internet speed ?”, ” Boost Internet speed 200% guaranteed ” etc. and have finally end up in clicking hundreds hoax links like forever ! ( or at least I did 😀 ).
It’s most likely that you stop searching for such tricks when you realise that it always ends in disappointment. That’s because 90% of all such tricks you find on Internet are absolutely fake which are, by the way, the best way to lure an Internet surfer . Well, here’s a interesting news :  the trick which I’m going to share with you now definitely does what you’re expecting.

Important Note :
1.You’ll need 2 or more Android phones.
2.This trick works for Mobile Internet connection as well if you have Internet connection on all of them.
3. In case you’re using User login Wi-Fi system, you’ll need access to two or more Accounts on same network. (Your friends to the rescue !).
Depending upon No. of accounts you have access to, you’ll need that many phones.
For example, if you have access to 2 accounts other than your own, then you’ll need 2 phones.
And, of course, with that many phones in hand you’ll also need USB slot & Cable for each to connect them to the laptop.

So, let’s start our tutorial without further ado :

  1. Log in to your  WiFi account on the laptop.
  2.  a) Log in to other WiFi accounts that you’ve access to on different phones b) Now connect all the phones that you just used to log in one by one, to your laptop after ensuring that WiFi is working on each phone.
  3. If you are using Mobile data pack, just turn on data connection in each phone and connect them.
  4. Enable USB tethering in each phone.To do this, go to Settings →More Settings → Tethering & portable hotspot. Enable the option called USB tethering. (See image below)

And voila !

The bandwidth from each phone adds-up to PC’s bandwidth end result is an amazing increase in your browsing and download speeds ! But, Remember! More the no. of connections , lesser is the overall stability of them.If you ask me, 2~3 phones do excellent job. The choice is yours.

Now it’s left for you to decide which category this trick belongs to : the fake 90% or Genuine 10% 😉

Happy surfing ! Enjoy !